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12 3DM Hot Spot Skateboard Wheels


New 6 and 6 used 3DM wheels. Mixed set of slightly used Slalom Skateboard Wheels. Longboard Wheels perfect for sliding.

The 68mm by 55mm Avalon is named named after a legendary slalom racing site on California’s Catalina Island. Great for all-purpose longboarding, cruising, and Old School styling, and also one of the world’s best all-around slalom wheels – in the early and middle 2000s, the Avalon won more elite races than all other brands combined!

A couple were cut down for racing. I liked a narrower width on the front trucks. I will put these here for a few weeks and then put them on Craigslist if they don't move.

Raising funds to go to the World Skate Games 2022 in Argentina.

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