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Starwars Santa Cruz Skateboards Luke Skywalker and Droids R2-D2 & C-3PO


Starwars Santa Cruz Skateboards set complete 2 boards
Star Wars collection from Santa Cruz is being released, featuring a number of skateboards and cruzers with original artwork from the Star Wars films drawn by Musgrave and fellow Santa Cruz artist Cody Melick.
The line includes a "Collector's Edition" of skateboards, featuring four distinct themes and sizes:
Santa Cruz Star Wars Luke Skywalker Collectible Skateboard Deck
- Orange/Blue - (7.8" x 31.7")
Star Wars Santa Cruz Collectible Skateboard Deck
Droids R2-D2 & C-3PO (8.375" x 32")

The "Collector's Edition" is packaged in a vintage toy inspirited blister pack (like the Kenner action figures from the '80s), and includes a laser-etched numbered deck, matching laser cut certificate of authenticity and a deck art poster.

Star Wars x Santa Cruz Skateboards Collection
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